Every Sunday begins with parents electronically signing in their kids at our Check-In Station.

You will be issued a number for each child and a receipt, which will be required at pick up, or to page you if you’re needed during the service.


For ages 4-11, we use "The Gospel Project” curriculum, a Christ-centred Bible study resource that presents the Biblical story in an engaging way. These stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more.

For ages 2-3, we use the “Show Me Jesus” curriculum, a tool to help toddlers learn the vocabulary of faith. The curriculum introduces the basic concept of what Christ has done for his people in a way that they can grasp.


We are committed to running a secure children’s ministry. We achieve this by checking kids in and out with tags; ensuring there is no one-on-one teacher/helper exposure outside the classroom; and ensuring that no teacher/helper will ever be alone with kids. Any guests in a classroom will be identified with a special tag.


CrosswayKids classes are divided into Nursery, 2-3, 4-5 and 6-11.